6 Steps Social Media Marketing for Gym
Written by Faizan Shaikh
6 Steps Social Media Marketing for Gym

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6 Steps Social Media Marketing for Gym


Are your gym social media strategies actually helping you generate membership leads? Are you using them to retain loyal members and build awareness of your brand? Social media can be an invaluable tool for your fitness business. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can make a real difference to your bottom line.

So, if yours aren’t generating the results you’d like, then we’ve got some practical strategies to help…

In this article – I will share 10 gym social media ideas for lead generation and member retention, to help boost your club’s profitability.

#1 – Promote Your Audience (Not Your Brand)

People love to share social media posts that make them look good. So help them look good! Promote their stories, successes, and achievements – anything that makes them look smart, The key to this approach is to always include a ‘call to action’ that links back to your business. Successful, funny, or helpful.

#2 – Use Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a great way to capture email addresses and grow your client list. You just need to create something of value, that people will hand over their email address for.

  • Ebooks
  • Challenges
  • Workout guides

#3 – Run Competitions

The key to running a successful contest is to pick a relevant prize. It’s important to choose something that’ll be appealing to your specific target audience. So think about what your ideal client or member would be interested in… a yoga weekend? A month of free training? Customised Nike trainers? Then collect email addresses from all the contest entrants, so that you can follow up with them afterward.

#4 – Drive Referrals

Referrals tap into the holy grail of marketing… word of mouth. There’s nothing people trust more than a recommendation from a friend. So if you can get people sharing your digital marketing content, you’re A) increasing your exposure to a wider circle of clients, and B) improving your credibility too.

The next level is to incentivise referrals. On social media, this means making your audience look helpful, as well as giving them something in return. You could create online vouchers for your followers to share with friends and family, such as…

  • Group PT Session
  • PT Starter Class Pass

#5 – Pay To Play

Investing in advertising will multiply the reach and impact of anything you promote. It’s incredibly effective since you’re able to target your ideal client very precisely.

 If you’re using Facebook, you can choose to boost posts, such as the ideas we’ve listed above. This will increase the number of people who see or interact with them in their news feeds.

One option is to set up an email auto-responder, that sends a series of emails to nurture your prospects. Alternatively, you can follow up directly by phone or email, ideally within 24 hours of them submitting their details.

 So, there you have five gym social media strategies for attracting new members… Implementing these marketing ideas will ensure that your social media actually generates clients (and doesn’t just suck up your time).

#6 – Support Their Journey

You can also use your gym social media posts to help members achieve their goals. You might only get to see them for a couple of hours in your facility – that’s not much time to cover all the aspects of a healthy lifestyle. But social platforms give you more channels to provide additional education and support.

 So make educational content a key component of your gym social media strategy. Creating posts on correct exercise techniques, nutritional tips, or answering FAQs can all help your members achieve their goals faster. And if they feel supported and see results, then they’re far less likely to cancel their membership.


Always respond to comments promptly, and announce the results of any polls. When followers see that you’re actively engaging, it’ll encourage them to share their opinions too.

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