5 Steps SEO Strategies for Small Business
Written by Faizan Shaikh
5 Steps SEO Strategies for Small Business

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5 Steps SEO Strategies for Small Business

5 Steps SEO Strategies for Small Business

SEO is playing a very crucial role in each and every place in this era and when it comes to small business it can help them to boost themselves and compete with global companies which are having well established resources, brand and position with some plans and strategy SEO can help you to grow your business. 

Target the audience of your local area and with some marketing and you may rise to top of the local search.


It is worth investing in local SEO as 90% of customer use internet to search services and business near them. 

It will help you boost your online visibility and gives you opportunity to develop your business in your local area and slowly to global level and you can get some get permanent customers from local area as you optimize local SEO and here are some practices for local SEO. It mainly includes keywords, directories, voice search, social media.


Keywords play a vital role in SEO. As you are marketing in a local area using keywords in a proper manner is must instead of using specific keywords we should add some local information in keyword. 

For example:- instead of using keyword as best Coffee we can use best Coffee near Square Park. It will definitely help you in boosting your business in your local area.


Create a strong profile in GMB (GOOGLE MY BUSINESS) and some related sites it will help you grow high and reach global level. 

Make sure it includes all information about your business don’t forget NAP(NAME ADRESS PHONE) and your working hours and always maintain consistency in these sites.


Broadcast your content around local news, events and stories and if possible try to make content of local knowledge too.

Make it more relatable and it will allow you to connect and engage with readers.

Make sure you haven’t miss any point and this will definitely boost your business in local area.


Optimize for voice search prepare long tail keyword post conversational content.

I would suggest you do it as fast as possible as voice search is taking a step forward then text based search make it soon as possible.


These are some tips of SEO for small business. Even social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter may also help you grow your business and make videos and upload them in YouTube channel and it will definitely boost your reputation and don’t forget to make your website user friendly as most of the people can get attracted to your website.

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